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<Ladies and gents. Please retract the "fangs" Halloweeeen is about 9 months away and then it will be cool. Thank you >

Orion Holtby,

Child of the 60s and former CTO of! Welcome back to the Village

I have a respectfull question or two given the due dillegence from public sources which I have just performed for my beloved GEEKS of the Village:

1.Is their any relationship/connection between the officers and or employees of DEMOLOGIC.NET and or it's parent and the defunct

2. I just tried to call the phone number of +1.7788897449 which is listed in the Whois for DEMOLOGIC.NET. This number does not work. An affiliate program without 100% accurate data in Whois is always a red flag.

3. What are your phoine numbers?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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