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I had the same suspicions about the graphics, but still emailed them back, and their reps were always very polite and quick to respond.

I am not trying them out myslef as the rates they were offering did not match those of fastclick, and I don't have any 'spare' impressions to try them out with. However, their rates certainly seemed pretty good.

Please note that this is not a recommendation for demologic, as I have never used them myself, simply a comment that their staff seem responsive and polite to deal with.

For those that haven't recieved an invite to join demologic - - they are a very new ad network specialising in pops and activeX. The rates offered to me were higher than popuptraffic for simple pops, but this may be on a site by site basis.

I would personally like to find out if anyone is using them, and if they have any relationship with valuead though???



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