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tim-o will do Yep, but I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of unhappy AZ associates down the road. I think AZ is relying on a combination of dependency of 10,000 sites or so, and the 890,000 affiliates that havent a clue. Unfortunately for AZ they dont realize that us mid level producers are the big bad boys (and gals of course )on the block tomorrow.

Its too bad for AZ that I work from home so I have time to spend yanking links.

I believe that amazon is starting to look too clutered as well. When you land on a page, the shopper gets distracted then ends up forgetting why they went there is the first place. It is starting to look like a grocery store flyer.

--> evil thought.... just imagine when AZ runs out of things to put on easy links and runs google text/banner ads as a default LOL. Google is paying between .50 and 1.00 to the networks for above the scroll. Even paying $.10 CPM below the scroll they could make their commission payouts back in a day. This would fall within their easylink text requirements too.


I would imagine that AZ is going to make back some good money from google with your traffic. You mentioned before that you have a .07% conversion rate (but mounds of traffic). If just 1% of your AZ traffic clicks on 1 google ad around xmas (big CPC payments) I think they will make that bonus back they offered you I doubt it will affect your sales too much, but since you are a top earner you should tell AZ you want a cut of the Google$$$ generated from your traffic.

Nintendo, your circumstances with Amazon are very different from mine. Heck, if I was having your results with Amazon I'd have no desire to find a replacement for them.

Neither would I for my existing sites since that is nice cashflow, but I would be looking at developing websites for older males to get higher conversion rates and I would make a point of NOT using AZ. Look at what is happening to those sites that relied 100% on pop ups and unders!! One marketing move by a relatively insigificant ISP (earthlink) to include pop blockers and now the entire industry is moving to adopt the same tactic to protect their marketshare. Some sites are in serious trouble due to this over-reliance.

OT On a funny note: I noticed that the new alexa toolbar (with pop up blocker) blocks the country redirect pop up on the home page.
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