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Sheesh! If I knew this thread was gonna be 'stickied' I would've tried harder to sound articulate in my original post.

Nintendo, your circumstances with Amazon are very different from mine. Heck, if I was having your results with Amazon I'd have no desire to find a replacement for them...unless I thought I could do better elsewhere. It works for you, for a number of reasons, but it's not working for me. And my experience is more representative of the bulk of Amazon's affiliates than yours simply because most of us can't produce (or don't know how to produce) at your level. You've done a spectacular job with them and there's no reason for you to leave as long as things go well for you. But I'm curious if you're concerned about how Google adwords placement on Amazon product pages might affect your commissions?

I had a bad feeling that Amazon's affiliate program was rolling downhill from the first of this year, but I thought I'd give them time to work out the issues. Instead of working them out the problems have grown worse each month. No regrets...I had a good run with them. They were my first affiliate program and paid the hosting bills for a while.

Timo (tim-o, not tee-mo or tie-mo) I suspect that the affiliate managers at Amazon are counting on the affiliates being either, 1) too lazy to pull their links, 2) too naive to realize they're being used as cannon fodder, 3) utterly unaware of what's going on. With 900,000+ affiliates they can probably afford a good bit of attrition of mid-level producers like us. (If you list biography vids, give A&E on CJ a whirl.)

The other thing I'd like to mention is how I feel, as a consumer, about the carnival atmosphere of Amazon's product pages. There are so many links to different things that it's extremely distracting. It makes browsing difficult and I think it's going to backfire on them. My guess is that sometime last year they hired a new VP of something-or-other who's been demonstrating his or her usefulness by throwing a zillion ideas into the pot. All it's done, IMHO, is raise the noise to signal ratio. But then I'm a K-I-S-S kind of gal.
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