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Originally posted by dwergs
Here's an idea:
- Add a pop-up [eg. as default] that shows exclusive (inside) information -or- a link to a secret part of your site -or- something else your visitors would be interested in.
Have the popup set a variable on the main page (using parent.document.whatever inside the popup). If it's not set when a link is clicked on, go to a "turn off the blocker please" page. I think it would work nearly perfectly if you run your own popups.

One possible future problem, of course. If many sites start doing this, then popup blockers will actually download and execute the code but not show the popup. This is 10 times worse than not showing at all because it totally screws up the stats--now you have no idea how many people have viewed your ad. Actually, this may be the way all popup blockers may go so watch out.

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