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Default $100 millon adware business shut by FTC

One of the top 5 spyware and adware suppliers in the world has been ordered closed by a United Stated federal court at the request of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The three California companies are Enternet Media, Networld One and Conspy & Company. Enternet Media is the one that is said to be doing one hundred million dollars a year in business. They used the promise of ring tones, free music lyrics files and browser upgrades to download spyware and adware on users' computers. "Elite Toolbar" and "EliteBar" were among the software installed.

An affiliate in Ohio named iwebtones was also ordered to stop help spreading the adware and spyware. They were offering free background music for blogs which contaminated the blogs.

The pages are relatively short in this two page article that has the full details

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