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Post How can you optimize images for E-commerce marketing?

Image optimization is one of the various art-forms that you will need to master. From reducing your websiteís load time, to attracting shoppers who are browsing through Google images, correct formatting and optimization are often an important part of building a successful business on-line.

Image optimization is one of the neglected areas when it involves driving search traffic and increasing conversion rates and sales for any e-commerce web site. In terms of SEO, most of the people consider keywords, content & back-links while neglecting other powerful ways to optimize their website. On top of that, more visually appealing, faster-loading photos usually lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

The reasons for optimizing your image are

Reason 1: Optimizing the images in your web site can facilitate your e-commerce store rank higher in organic searches as a whole.

Reason 2: Image optimization can also brings you a new source of traffic from image searches. This service permits users to perform a search only for images and may lead more visitors to your web site.

Reason 3: Optimizing your images can affect more than just your search traffic. A quicker loading time drives more clicks and higher conversions for e-commerce websites. In other words, images directly impact revenue.
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