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The interesting part is that they don't tell you what percentage of the PPC revenue you'll be getting. It sure requires a lot of faith.

I'm sure you get more specifics if you are approved.

I am curious if it will be a straight CPM fee like you can get now from these contextual ads if you get them from BurstMedia or Tribal Fusion, or they will take into account the click throughs they generate and how much people bid for the actual Google Adwords that appear in the ads.

And if you google will continue to deal with those ad companies. Or were they just offering ads through them to fine tune or troubleshoot the program...

I have run some of these types of ads and haven't always been happy with the quality of sites or their products. With the new program, it sounds like you can block specific ads and have more control over what is actually shown on your site. So that's a good thing.
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