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MSN and Yahoo are both lacking Google's convenience factor. It's been said for years that one of Google's key strengths is its plain-Jane interface, but for some reason the other major search players haven't released simple search panels - or they've hidden them behind anti-intuitive domain names such as or the poorly marketed

Both services draw strength from their portal approach and will likely remain one step ahead of Google in the race for control of content as a result, but both need to acquire or develop a catchy and intuitive search-only brand and roll-out their contextual affiliate programs internationally in order to come close to matching Google's convenience and aesthetic cleanliness.

I know that I generally use Google simply because it's so simple and natural to type into the browser address bar, even though I know that I'll often get more relevant results if I took the time to type It's strange how so many billions of dollars in search traffic can be influenced by convenience, but it's a reality that MSN and Yahoo still need to confront. Even in the broadband age, people want to be greeted by a search-only panel, not a portal, when they're looking for something specific.

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