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I think the poor ad market is the main reason for people posting less.

But even today it's possible to make money on the internet and to improve the performance of your sites just by reading the posts here.
Example: A while a go I read a great tip about using text-boxes instead of banners/traditional text links.
I started using this strategy and this boosted my CTR's and Lead Ratio's. I didn't think it would make such a big difference and I would not have tried it if I had'nt read it here.

The ad market has matured, this is not *just* a crisis.
If you want to make money on the internet in 2002 you probably need to change some strategies you were using in 1999.
I think a lot of webmasters still need to make that change or are in the process of doing so.
That's what I hope to learn here.
Things like: how to improve CTR's and conversion ratio's and how to make a succesful switch from being a webmaster to being a merchant.
I think we'll see more of these subjects in the future and less posts about banner advertising and traditional internet marketing.

Just my thougths.
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