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Default Maybe the best freebie tip of the year for Geeks

This board always contains a wealth of invaluable information. Today, I came across a thread which for unrelated reasons was locked. Within that thread was a link to a great freebie suggested by FreeGraphic. I think she deserves Geek tip of the year for this.

Closed thread:

From Free Graphic. If you're looking for a free spreadsheet program, check out Sun's StarOffice.
I found myself in a similar situation as the originator of that thread. I recently bought a couple more computers and needed to get some kind of Office suite on them. I usually use Microsoft Office Professional, but I was looking at about $1,000 to get licensed versions.

I downloaded the program suggested by FreeGraphic. This is a free program downloaded from Sun Microsystems and its an excellent alternative to MS Office pro.

It's packed with every imaginable application you could want. It takes a bit to learn and has a very different feel than MS products. It is compatible with MS products and most competitors products. Certainly worth the trouble to download.

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