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Default Re: Keys to a successful site

Originally posted by larwee
Make sure you have your own domain name and not some strange something from a free service. Register that domain name with an established registrar which has a low price. No need to pay a high price.
There are indeed a lot of registrars and domain name hosters who ask to much money for a domain.

First of all never get a pre-registered domain. Some registrars go out and just registar thousands of domain names they think have a lot of potential. Always try to think of a new unregistered domain name, which you can register for a fair normal price!

There are a lot of sources out there on the internet where you can find quality information about relatively cheap, but good hosting companies/registrars. Like the following:

1. Go to, fill in the wizard, get some results
2. Go to and find out if there are reviews available about the specific hoster
3. Try sites like Alexa ( to find some user comments about specific companies who specialize in hosting/registering domain names
4. seems to have some good reviews
5. ask around for experiences on specific hosters and always try googling,

Remember that you will be very dependant of whatever company takes care of your domain and web site hosting. When they mess up, create down time, it costs you visitors, popularity, reputation, increases chances for visitors to go and keep visiting competitors of your site, in the end it'll cost you money.

That's why it's indeed very important to be sure finding a good company.
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