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It's a shame phpadsnew doesn't have a "sub-admin" like account. Someone you could assign to certain domains so they can have control over those and then create advertisers for them, etc. Then I'd be more then willing to setup an adserver and split it with a few others. I guess you can still do it by running a couple of copies of phpadsnew on the server, but it'd be nice to have just one instance of it and split it internally I'd think (although possibly harder to export later).

My problem is that the things I do are so seasonal that I'd probably serve very few ads over the summer (although with multiple spots and chaining through PAN I could probably still hit 100k-200k per day I guess). During my season with chaining it could be an easy 500k per day with large spikes to a few mil here and there. Perhaps I'll just wait until the season comes around and make a few new sites to make me some cash in the offseason

If anyone is interested in maybe doing a "server split" with me, please feel free to send me an email.
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