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Default The future of AdSense

Get out your crystal ball and see if you can predict the future of AdSense.

For many Google's AdSense seems as if they have taken a trip back into time to 1999 or 2000 when there were a lot of great paying programs.

While some don't have great results with AdSense, many do. I think it is safe to say there are more people doing well with AdSense than there are people doing well with any other program.

Shortly after AdSense started there were some people predicting it wouldn't last. There are still people predicting that.

I think Google has done a great job with AdSense and they continue coming up with something new to make it better. They have a tremendous number of advertisers and publishers.

There have been others who have tried to be like AdSense but none have been able to come close. Some individual publishers might have done better with an AdSense pretender but most people have done much better with AdSense.

I personally think and hope the future will continue to be bright for AdSense. They will continue to improve by doing as much as possible to make it better.

Of course there is the potential big problem of click fraud but I believe Google will be able to deal with this because advertising revenue is so important to them.

If there is no real competition AdSense is sure to continue to do great.

Of course, Yahoo is looking at AdSense and so is Microsoft. If and when they enter the race, things could become more interesting and AdSense could start to feel the heat. But, having such a big headstart should help AdSense.

However, competition would be great since each one would likely be trying to attract publishers and might give a better deal. It could make things very interesting.

But for right now I feel things look real bright for AdSense. Will I eat my words in a year or two? I don't know.

What is your opinion of the future for AdSense?

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