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Default words to live by

There is a short and easy way, and there is the long and hard way.

The short and easy way usually involves signifigant cost and little in return, sometimes cheating the engines, joining popup exchanges, or paying $39.95 for 5 billion hits. These sites are seldom around long then they start over with something else. Traffic must start over also.

The long and hard way, always involves hard work, honesty(dishonest- see short and easy), hours hand selecting those to trade links with or whom you choose to sponsor your site, profesionalism in your discussions(remember, when you post to a forum all of us are potential visitors and customers, make a bad impression on forums and you have already lost visitors), research, research, and more research. These sites build a loyal base as you are too viewed as loyal. Sometimes these webmasters are able to crack a faint smile as they continue to grow and well, maybe prosper.


PS did I mention research?
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