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Default Amazon Instant Website Program

This beta program lets you build your eCommerce site using Amazon technology, should that be of interest to you.

Here is part of what Amazon says about this new beta program:
Use your Seller Central listings to create a Web site using your own URL.
Use the product descriptions and images you already uploaded to Amazon.
Customize your Web Site with your own branding and design layout.

Quick and easy set up - easily create your own branded Web site that shows just your products.

Powered by Amazon - your Web site is reliable, scalable, and uses proven technology solutions.

Use the secure Amazon payments system to process your orders - no need for a separate merchant payment system.

Leverage Amazon co-branding - because customers trust the Amazon brand for security and reliability.

Access to proven upsell and cross-sell technology and techniques -

Automated product recommendations that offer similar functionality to what uses today.

Community features and content, such as customer reviews.

Automated merchandising, such as top sellers.
Here is an Amazon link which has more details as well as containing links to some sites that are using this feature so you can see how they are using it.
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