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Originally posted by creabiz
My issue is not with what is allowed to be posted but the fact that the members are banned permantly without any warning. Many people do not read the rules due to the length. Hey what can I say we are all impatiant!

I did not mean to be negative in anyway to your site I just felt that a lifetime ban was a little tough for one bad post.
Hi creabiz,

Welcome to the "Village" and best of luck. Did you read the entire post of our resident Media Maven named larwee where he quoted the owner of this Community named Czar? He is saying in essence that it's a case by case issue. He has already answered your concerns. The problem is that if you decide to tell folks that you will infact warn them then a few will use this free ticket to abuse. Especially in this Community where we are talking about money with a lot of Networks present and it's outstanding reputation and following for nearly 7 years. Some Communities run fine this way and others do not.

Given your statement I can respectfully see some irony in it and at the end of the day weather to ban for life or not is left to the discression of the fine folks who run this place who do a really outstanding job. Some examples:

1. Your own original post was non compliant the first time you made it but the Admin chose to give you another chance to edit it. And yet you still wan't to debate the issue. See:

2. Lets see, on the other hand it depends on exactly what was said in a given post and what has transpired before and exactly weather the member appears to be interested in the Community or just a drive by abuser. Lets try this for your reading pleasure:

Please take note of the IP. Three posts by Mark to help illustrate the issue. I actually remember this member who continued to violate the rules even after that post was snipped with a brand new non compliant new thread which any visitor or member could read. THis new thread ALSO violated the rules. And prior to that. I could certainly be wrong about my memory but it's normally pretty good and I hope this example helps you understand the issue with 2 very very specific examples.

I have even done post ban audits where I took the time to email banned members, explained to them why they were banned, and most importantly of all, offered them a second chance back in after they answered my politer email. Out of 20 I sent, 2 attacked and slandered and the other 18 never responded. If one of them would have been like our talented Rivux we could have made the deal work

I'm confident that you could if you wish, find other Communities which will let folks violate the rules repeatedly, play the first, second and third chance game with warnings and be happy with the environment. Thats fine. Nothing personell.

Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention that this Forum only permits a single Post/Deal every 30 days and no ebay links. This is all good BUT if you and or your friends need to buy and sell often then your very best bet is:

Good folks over their. Please take the time to read every single word of their Rules and I'm sure an entire Community devoted to sales and purchases should make you or your associates very happy.

Good luck with your sale.

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