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Thanks for your wonderfully supportive comments, larwee, and thanks creabiz for raising this issue.

Since larwee has done such a good job of emphasizing that Geek/Talk's focus is on fostering quality in its discourse, rather than on the quantity of posts or members that it may boast, we will always guide discussion in accordance with slightly stricter rules than those in place on other BBs.

As such, if your friend does want to post "borderline adult" sites for sale in the future, he's most welcome to do so on Sitepoint and Webmaster-Talk. A quick skim of our rules will highlight why this wasn't allowed here, since we have never supported the discussion or promotion of adults-only content on this family-friendly, professionally focused BB.

The "Site for Sale" forum has been both highly influential and painfully troublesome for years. On one hand, we have transacted 100s of thousands of dollars worth of websites and domains in this forum - all without charging the seller or the buyer a single penny for the privilege. We often even unofficially help to resolve conflicts and disagreements that may arise from a transaction, again at no cost to either party. I have personally purchased a number of domain names and websites through this BB, so I know only too well how valuable this free opportunity can be for sellers of web properties.

On the other hand, as we've seen during the past week, this forum's success has caused it to attract a number of drive-by site brokers who have no interest in other parts of Geek/Talk and no willingness to contribute to discussions with members of our community. Those who appear simply to sell a site - and who, painfully, still cannot follow our very simple rules for listing a site in this section - are taking advantage of the community. If they fail to adjust their post to include all requested information when asked to do so and/or if they post sites for sale that include adult-oriented material, stolen intellectual property or other offensive/illegal material, they will of course be banned from participation here as they offer no value to the community.

We treasure our members and our savvy readership, which includes reps from every single reputable online advertising network, a number of the web's most significant independent publishers, reknowned content creators and clever guys-n-girls taking their first entrepreneurial steps into the business. Those who come here to deliberately abuse the forum do a disservice to our members and to the efforts that Team Geek put into keeping this board clean and productive each day. We would rather have fewer posts than ask our members to sift through pages of junk to find information that is of relevance to them. I'm sure that you can understand the value in that proposition.

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