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The 3/4/02 WSJ - Marketplace section had an interesting and dare I say somewhat self serving quote in the Boom Town Column by Kara Swisher <wew>

The quote comes from Larry Kramer, CEO of the San Francico bassed online financial site named This stock has hit highs of nearly $80 in 1999 and is currently trading in the $3.60 range.

Larry Kramer Quote from article: "What I am heartened by is that we have proved we have a business that has not died in the worst of times."

WOW! dandy. A new genre of a business plan just hit the streets. Soon to be taught at a "B" school near you. Forget profit. Forget your investors and their exspectations of a profit. Forget the millions that your investors have lost. Just concentrate on not dying.

Notes: I do not and never have had a position in this stock (MKTW). Kramer and Swisher have been invited to comment.

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