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Unhappy Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

Just looking for some advice on when is the right time to start thinking about moving up to a dedicated server. I don't have any sys admin experience and obviously in the current climate cash is at a premium so I'd like to stay on a shared plan as long as possible but I'm increasingly having problems finding a reliable host who can satifsy my hosting needs. My site puts out about 50GB a month and runs on Cold Fusion.

Some Background:

Over the weekend my host Media 3, who I have been very happy with over the last 6 months, pulled the plug on my site - no notice or even an email to let me know they were suspending the account, I only found out when users emailed and asked what was going on. When I rang to see what was going on they said that the site had been crashing their Cold Fusion server - but as I haven't made any changes to the site over the past few days I can't see why. They were also unable/unwilling to send me an extract of the Cold Fusion error log so I could see what the problem is. My suspicion is that my site is just consuming too many resources and they would like to get rid of me - I am however on a $200 pm enterprise account limited to 24 sites per server so I didn't think this would be a problem yet.

Am I being unrealistic to think that my site can be hosted on a shared server (even a high end plan), and if so can anyone reccomend a good host offering a dedicated NT/ Win 2000 box with Cold Fusion and 50GB+ transfer.

Also, is managing my own server likely to cause me a whole series of new nightmares?

Lots of questions I know but I would really appreciate any insights/advice anyone can offer.

The Paperboy
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