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Default New Google AdWords Rules

Let me make it clear that this is a rumor. Word about it started a few days ago and more and more are starting to believe it is true. Google hasn't said anything official about it yet.

If this turns out to be true it could possibly have an impact on AdSense as well as AdWords.

The information is below for you to read. Again, Google hasn't yet made a public official statement. It is a rumor based upon information that is said to have been leaked. But various dates have been stated for when this will start. Some indicate right away and some indicate towards the middle or end of next week.

But, people should be aware of it, just in case.

New Google AdWords Affiliate Rules Start Today
Posted on: 2005-01-06 13:06:35

Rumours On The Interweb

It's spreading across the webmaster forums like wildfire. Today is the day that the new Google Adwords advertising rules begin for affiliates.

Currently if you search on Google for cats, for example, you only get a few relevant ads on the right hand side for your search. The rest are multiple affiliates bidding for the keyword "cats" mainly for eBay, Pricerunner and Kelkoo websites. It's pretty much junk as there is really no need to see 3-4 eBay ads for the same search.

With the new rules, only one affiliate (with the highest bid we presume) can advertise for eBay, for example, instead of 5-10 people all trying to get you to visit the exact same eBay website with their own ad copy.

Many Google Adsense users are worried about the changes in case they begin to lose money by the lower amount of affiliates advertising - but I think it will eventually be a beneficial move as most of these eBay, Pricerunner etc ads have very low cost-per-click rates and offer a poor return.

More as this story develops.

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