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Unhappy Re: Outlook Express

Originally posted by Kaiosama
It's not particularily great but it comes pre-installed and is fully functional. It's not as bloaty as Outlook and has less features but gets the job done. I have enough memory to handle it and is great for the lazy/busy people who just want to get their system fully functional really fast.
This is exacly what killing all the good programs.
If I had to use outlook I'd use the full version that came with office and get all the extras. But using outlook Express with all it's security holes and Viri magnets is
Installing Eudora take me sell then 5 min including configuring it.
It can (and do) check all my pop acounts, I can set were the files are being saved for easy backup. When ever I send an atachment it is being sent as the file I sent and not some strnge .dat that is incompatible with all the other Email programs.
It have options to Sync files with friends and some more stuff like the mood watch

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