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>> Would be nice if someone knew of a way to set up as a vendor

This is what I was thinking. A vendor with a REALLY good affiliate program (rather than a site being an affiliate or whatever etc) could do really well.

Setting up as an affilate is hardly worth the effort : items cost so little - that a 5% or 10% commission on a one-time purchase (you loose the customer) means you have to make big sales and constant stream of new traffic to make anything. 5% of $10 or $20 is similiar to what you get as an affiliate for most pay-per-lead programs - and harder to earn!

As a vendor, you wouldn't need to generate that much sales to get wholesale prices on stock, which in iteslef should allow a margin per transaction. Hopefully enough to award affiliates ongoing residual commissions. So if anybody wants to setup as a vendor...!

Thanks for the links - I'll look into the links you gave me when I have a spare moment.
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