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I hope the find a good way to counteract fraud, instead of just disabling accounts for honest publishers. As said in the privious thread, a lot of people have been banned as of late. and granted, I know a lot of then, even though they cry foul were cheating themselves, but a lot of pusbishers such as myself were deleted with no cause what so ever. they claimed fraudulant clicks, but I'm not buying it. I never once clicked on of my own adds, and we're not in a niche where a competitor would want to run us out.

Luckily I use many different networks as back ups and never rely on one sorce. So we're back to using the companies who we have been using for years who never had an issue with the traffic we give them 9Fast Click, Burst, Tribal, Mamma's Media, Realcast, JoeTech and a few others) I just never understood how google had a problem yet none of the other companies have ever had a problem and have even contacted us telling us how good the traffic is and asking for more impressions. And it's not like we're using shaddy companies either.

I don't think google had done anything back handed with the banning as of late, I just think their policy and investigation work on such issues need a lot of work. Cause like I said, they are a lot of cheaters out there, but a lot of honest publishers get ccaught in the cross fire
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