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Arrow ADMIN: geek chat terminated. READ ME

Hello members and visitors,

Thank you all for your support and cooperation. Last night a few of you discovered geek chat: GeekVillage Chat Room - chat room. Please carefully note the branding of this chat room.

Unfortunetly, this site, myself, and staff have already been "slandered" in this unmoderated chat by an individual. The rest of you were supportive of our mission and procedures which I appreciate a great deal. I do not wish to offer this service any more and have my site and name tainted via a service which bares "my name" and I can not control. Please consider the following additional terms and conditions of this site and this BB.

1) Please do not link to geek chat: GeekVillage Chat Room - chat room

2) Please do not insert links on this site or in your posts, sig, or profile to geek chat: GeekVillage Chat Room - chat room

3) Please do not link to geek chat: GeekVillage Chat Room - chat any place else on the web.

Looks like the name didin't make it into the post all the way. See this link for the name of our former service:

Also please add:

4) Please do not insert "hints" or any words directly or indirectly related to or which link to geek chat: GeekVillage Chat Room - chat room

If you wish to create your own chat room using your own unique name then please do so and I wish you the best. No one is authorized to use any name which I use on this site or BB. Any effort to exstract trafic from this site and or BB to your own chat room and or site will result in the termination of your posting privileges, and additional abuse procedures invoked.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and best of luck with your sites.

Administrator/Owner/Webmaster/Tribal Chief/Janitor
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"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." -Horace

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