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Ok I stumbled upon an article that explains a little more about what I am talking about, and a little more clearly, perhaps.

The article is not so much about domain names, but rather about Start-ups throwing all their money into advertising, rather than into actually creating a useful website, and a useable website.

I also have a quote from Esther Lowery (Director of Corporate Communications She says "Internet sites can become household names overnite. And it has everything to do with their advertising budgets and less to do with their products or services. A multimillion-dollar advertising budget will drive hordes to check out your site - once."

The point you can drive tons of people to your site with money, but if you fail to convert them into loyal customers, you just wasted you advertising money. This is even more important for us small web owners, we need to convert an even greater percentage of visitors into loyal customers.

Check out the link above, it's a good read.

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