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hmmmm... heres a though... 1 is was mostly because people didn't understand the industry, back in september before the great depression advertisers were going crazy buying up ad space trying to get good results, but the reality was that they weren't. Intel,, IBM all spent thousands some even millions of banner advertising that the results were not good at all, i think this is due to the content not being targetted enough...

example: running banner advertisments on a mp3 site, what do you think the potential is going to be? Do you think that people on the mp3 site are actually going to care about womens clothing... well i can almost say for sure that 99.9% wouldn't care unless that were giving it away for free... but we saw this on various web sites and advertisers were not getting the results that they wanted....

....therefore the great depression...

just my bit... (dunno if i holds any merrit but this is how i look at the situation)

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