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Originally Posted by Czar View Post
Geek/Talk's "Webmaster Issues" forum has long been a famous source of website evaluation information. That said, the evaluation process has often been a fairly piecemeal affair in which a few subjective opinions are provided regarding layout, functionality, reliability and the like.

While this process remains highly valuable, thanks to the input made by a number of our skilled members, it could arguably be enhanced through the development of a basic evaluation checklist.

If any of you have developed a checklist of this type in the past, please share a few tips here in an effort to help us build a definitive list against which any site may be objectively evaluated, its strengths identified and its weaknesses rectified.

Following are a few category headings and suggested evaluation criteria to get us started down this path. Please feel free to suggest additions or subtractions to this list, based on your knowledge of common failings in website design and marketing:

This is just a rough starting point. Please do suggest modifications based on your prior experienced in developing and evaluating websites and we'll see if, together, we can develop a truly definitive criteria list that may be used both on "Webmaster Issues" and in evaluating our own creations in the future.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this good and useful information.
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