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Mike is spot on and it's great to see some posts that deal with the CPA/CPL sector. Respectfully, I hope this sets a trend for GV in 2006 since I'm rather tired with the obsession/addiction with Google plus their are so many other ways to monetize a site which DO NOT involve all things Google/YPN/MS/Chikita et all.

Please excuse me if I take this thread up the quality and diversity meter just a tad

If you are serious about the CPA/CPL space you must be prepared to deal with "Commision Theft" In essence, the originator of the sale/action and that would be the compliant publisher who initiated the action will not get credit for the sale/action.

This deplorable act is a trivial matter for criminals to accomplish with some networks and scripts since we have an entire industry of Spyware/Slimeware/. It works like this:

1. I go to one of the Spyware vendors and pay a little $ to launch my pop which overwrites the real/legitimate affiliates tracking procedure at a given point in time with my very own tracking code. I'm the criminal stealing the Commision from the hard working and compliant Publisher.

2. Same case but a different example. I use the Spyware low lifes to steal a Commision on Dells "cart" and make a cool 2% on the deal and effectively rob the legitimate Publisher of this money. Natch, the Spyware low life could care less as all they want is money for a new Campaign. Dell effectively pays the wrong affiliate and if they are smart about it, they might catch it but so many Advertisers just want the sale and who the "spiff" actually goes to is often one of the last things on their mind.

3. Some CPA/CPL Networks have made great strides in combating this deplorable action which normally involves human interventon. Other Networks could care less and turn a "blind eye" My sence of this issue is that you are better off using an established Network which works very hard at combating this fraud. CJ has improved a great deal in this area so my hats off to them. Brian of ShareASale has always been proactive on this kind of crime.

Perhaps their are scripts ?? which gather enough data for a seasoned crime fighter to manually review things, poke around, and either approve the sales commision or decline it. Gathnering the data is NEVER enough. You need an experienced human who thinks like a criminal to really make this work.

My appolagies, Iv'e gone beyond the original action in this thread which was a "poll" but hopefully provided enough texture to help others who may wish to run a CPA/CPL program.

Good luck
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