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Arrow Re: My own affiliate program?

Originally posted by denasio
What are the chances that people will abuse the system, for instance by creating lots of dummy e-mail accounts and signing up for a free poll? 40 dummy accounts with a free poll is 40 x 10-25 cents = 4 - 10 dollars! Do you guys see a problem here? Are there people out there crazy enough to do this?
Yes, you will be cheated. It starts in Junior High School and becomes a "sport".

Quick thoughts:

1. Affiliate programs which do not anticipate "cheaters" will always fail!

2. Affiliate programs which do not deploy measures to thwart cheaters and combine this with a strong audit procedures and plenty of terminations will fail!

3. You could require a click back from the email to start the ball rolling. Those that don't click back are automatically "blocked/banned" so they can't try it again.

4. The critical issue with a lot of Affiliate Programs is this: is the real potential for a Publishers revenue enticing/high enough to attract a large enough number of compliant sites which generate enough sign ups on their sites to sustain your business plan. Is their enough money in the realationship to make it worth while for compliant publishers.

4. Assuming it is and I hope so can still exspect a significant portion of your early launch sign ups to be either cheaters looking for a new sucker and or very low quality sites in combination with those that have already been banned from other networks. Chakita Banna is experiencing this

Edit 5. If you choose not to use a reliable and great Network like Brians ShareASale you are going to have a far more difficult time. Respectfully, just WHO are you and why should I ever trust you to accurately "count" let alone pay me. Unless you are a well known "brand" and or a principal with a lot of "visibility" like for instances our leader "Czar", most of these types of programs don't work out.

On the other hand, with Brian and ShareAsale you benifit from the fine reputation, the Publisher is protected by the Network, word of mouth good stuff about the Network paying Publishers, terminating flaky Merchants, and a swift kicks in the rear end OUT of the Network for the Spyware slime bags

I may have gone beyond your original thoughts and question but I hope I have helped you.

Good luck

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