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I find myself increasingly reluctant to join even established networks with a good reputation. I'm currently working with a lot of established networks and one or two newer networks. But a brand new network isn't likely to attract my attention unless they offer something distinctive. Like for Budsinc I decided to give them a try because they promise to fill all inventory. About the only thing that I think would attract me to a new network right now would be a good paying option for non-US traffic though even that is getting less important as Burst, FastClick and others increasingly fill that space.

Because of my reluctance to join new networks I generally let the GeekVillage community do the work for me. If I see a new network I search here. If there's anything negative or nothing at all I won't go any further.

If a network warrants investigation I look for red flags. Besides what others have mentioned I always look for inflated claims. A new network is unlikely to be serving billions of ads a month. And then there's the reality check. A network that offered $2 CPM on banners to all countries with no defaults isn't going to get me because I just don't believe it.

At this point I feel like I have basic RON ads pretty well filled. To be of interest a network would likely have to be in my niche with good contacts in the industry and some proven ability to sell targeted advertising.
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