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Ok, here goes (I'll try and be as brief as possible, but it's not easy)...

My server hosts and my other smaller sites.

*As far as I can tell*, MOST traffic to the server is unimpeded. I can still "see" all my sites for email/FTP, EXCEPT for

I cannot connect to for FTP or mail collection. I also cannot connect to it via a browser.

I have checked using various third party sites such as NetMechanic and Anonymizer, and I *would* be able to connect to *if* I was in the US!

But from my vantage point in Japan, I'm unable to connect through either my main cable modem ISP or my backup dialup ISP (which have totally different backbones and peering arrangements with the US)

It gets weirder: as I said, I can connect to all my other sites just fine, even though they're on the same server!

I can also connect very intermittently via FTP or mail through one of my two ISPs. I connect about 30% of the time, but then 100% of the time I get disconnected from the server end after between 45-90 seconds connection i.e. not long enough to get all email or FTP more than 1-2 files.

A tracert from one ISP to shows the connection timing out after reaching a machine within my provider's network (on the other domains hosted on my server, this machine is the *final hop* before reaching the domain itself)

A tracert from the other ISP to shows the connection going to (I'm not going to mention them yet) instead of to the domain itself.

The trace should end:-

* (faking this, but this is the number of the last-hop server)

e.g. for the trace ends

and for the trace ends

but for the trace ends

I have spelled all of this and more out at great length, including Word files of traces from my two ISPs and from various tracert gateways around the world, and they are STILL unable to locate the problem.

I can't be without FTP and email access to my busiest site for much longer!


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