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Some thoughts on your needs but first let me state that I am a reseller for

Naturally I am a customer with a dedicated box for the last 8 months. Read this thread for my true story:

I have a review and affiliate link at:

Comments: They have a managed Firewall service but Iv'e never used it. They take security VERY VERY seriously. Iv'e never seen a host with such concern for this and real actions to back their promises. The bind exploit a few months ago involved no less than 4 proactive emails from them, instructions to get and install the RPM, and finally if you didn't do it they would and you had no choice and they billed you $45.00. Great stuff.

ALL IPs are free and they use a slick auto email thingy to ping for use and then give you more. I think you could arrange to get a bulk allotment of say 30-50 at a time. A browser based control panel which is good but their are others which are better like the vdi stuff.

They are NOT cheap once you break past the basic plans so installs of some of the stuff you want will cost extra. They have HUMANS in the NOC 24/7/365 and a direct phone number to talk to them. I have done this!

If you have any other questions please fire away. HTH

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