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One of the sites I visit several times a day have a DHTML/Flash ad's that pop one time a day. some times this things have a "X" to close them on the spot, but some times this very anoying pop's acn't be closed untill they finish to show the animation. Add to it a very anoyin sound that almost every time embadded into them and interfear with other sound erlated aplications that I actually need and want......

I have never clicked on a ad that made me angry And will not buy from a company that advertise itself using such anoying ad's.

The more anoying and intrusive ad's will become the more antegonisem they will create and the market of Ad blockers will grow.
By usint too much popup's, popup hell's, trap's, bandwidth eating animaions, banners that don't need to be clicked cause they have a "onMouseOver" web masters bring this on themselfs.
I bet almost every one here remember a time when he fell into such a trap, and was thinking to himself "maybe I'll get one of this programs"
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