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Question Do you advertise in old world directories?

Most of us have a love affair with leading web directories, but offline equivalents are still performing well in relation to a number of business types (including trades, financial advice, real estate, sporting clubs, health and beauty, restaurants, etc).

YellowPages directories and their equivalents are still delivered to registered residential and business addresses in a number of countries on a yearly basis. These directories may be on the wane somewhat since the advent of the internet and locally-oriented search services, but they sure don't seem to be lacking too dramatically in regards to advertiser interest.

Do any of you currently maintain a display advertisement in your local paper-based directory?

If so, for what business type? Also, has this performed well for you? If not, why not?

To start things off, iOnline does advertise in the YellowPages, but we've taken a conservative middle ground and purchased a very small display ad. While the paper-based directories certainly suit location-dependent business types to a tee, I fail to see the medium as any more effective than paid search engine placement as far as our business is concerned. I could be (and hopefully am) pleasantly mistaken once this year's directory is released, but I'm not confident that this will be the case.

Your turn...

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