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Originally Posted by Czar View Post
Thanks for such a comprehensive ramble... Uh, I mean, commentary.

That's pretty much my view as well. I asked without disclaiming anything in advance because I actually was a DirectTrack Network customer for a couple of years; using the system primarily to manage affiliate programs on behalf of my company's clients. We chose that system in the belief that we were future-proofing ourselves so that we could use it to roll out a full-blown regional network if we felt that the market was there, but we unfortunately found it too inflexible for our needs and didn't want to be locked in to using a system that we couldn't build upon using our in-house development talent.

As an affiliate, I've long had a similar impression. I use and admire, but don't see much value in most of the DirectTrack networks that exist, particularly since several seem to be reselling offers from other networks. While DirectTrack certainly is robust enough to power a network, I personally get the impression that those who are prepared to develop their own technology are often those who are prepared also to invest into proactive sales teams and affiliate management services. This is all very subjective, of course, but I've always had the best relationships and the best success when dealing with networks that do run on proprietary technology.
We have run similar paths I made the call not to use DT at a time when truthfully i should have - but in the end it worked out..
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