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Default 4 Years Old - - automotive industry

Listed on SPF too

Established: 1 Aug 2003
Uniques/Month: 10,000
Page views/month: 11,000
Monthly Revenue: 350.00
PageRank: 4

Where to begin.

I started webmastering in 2002 and created my first site I had a vision for the site but I couldnít find a proper backend solution. I installed photopost and had some customizing done via a freelance programmer. I was young and I didnít really know what I was doing but I somehow manage to get the site ranked and had a pr6 after a month or two of promotion. The site took off but I was inexperienced and didnít have any programming knowledge so I was never able to turn car photo albums into what I envisioned. Eventually the site grew and I was getting around 30k to 60k visitors a month but it was running on a very modified photopost. I lost contact with the programmer and eventually there were some security loopholes with one of the older versions of photopost. The site got hacked so I figured I update to the new software and start fresh. Traffic took a big dip since most of the content doesnít exist anymore. I setup some temporary content just as place holders till I can go back and revamp the site one day but its been about a year and I havenít been able to touch it.

Why im selling?

I come to the point where I realize due to my lack programming knowledge as well as lack of resources that this is a project that is more than I can handle. This website is screaming for growth and someone to come in and be able to take this site to the next level. Even without the content this website still ranks and gets a decent amount of traffic all from natural traffic sources and backlinks. I can only imagine what kind of numbers it would do in the right hands.

I donít have any data available before 2006 because I moved to a dedicated server and didnít import the data which I regret. If you look at the adsense pictures I have provided you can see that pageviews use to be in the 10k range per day.

Feel free to PM for any questions
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