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Default potential

Site is ranked 1 or 2 in Google uk, ca, ie, au, sa for wedding favors. I haven't started shipping worldwide yet but if someone did it would definitely increase sales probably 30-40%. I have close to 400 articles pointing to the site. I am the number one author in weddings in which is by far the most popular article directory their is and top 100 list in ezinearticles.

Also as the articles and links grow age, the articles themselves will have higher rankings in Google and the links will get more and more powerful. What does that mean? The articles themselves will bring in more direct traffic as they age because as they age they gain higher organic rankings in Google in most cases. Also the articles get published on other peoples website daily.

As far as the links in the articles. As the age of the links grow they will give more weight in Google which tends to increase organic rankings. Save tons of money because you won't need Pay per clicks. Also as the articles get published on other peoples websites you gain more and more links which will in turn give higher rankings in Yahoo and MSN because Yahoo and MSN are not as sophisticated as Google they rely heavily on just the amount of links pointing to your site. So eventually the site will gain higher rankings in Yahoo and MSN not just Google.

I haven't worked on the backend as far as upsells if someone did definitely increase sales. All my traffic is organic none paid. PPC definitely increase sales as well.

If you had someone do seo on the site. I am ranked on either 2 or 3 page in Google for several high searched major keywords and tons of them on the first page too in my wedding niche. If someone just pushed it just a little bit harder and got the several keywords on first page which wouldn't be that hard definitely increase sales. Lots of keywords are close to bringing in more money.

Price is negotiable. Lets deal!!! This site is young and could easily do 5 times as much with a little work and dedication. Lets deal!! So basically if you have time then you can make this site do lots more in sales period. I just don't have time.

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