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Arrow DirectRevenue / Better Internet Spyware Firms SLAMED by the courts!

Your days are numbered!

My fellow geek Jeff Molander just broke the story.


"DirectRevenue is agreeing to ground-breaking settlement terms in bringing the class action brought against it (March 2005) to closure. The embattled spyware/adware company is agreeing to, among other things, the below terms in a settlement with class representative/plaintiff Stephen Sotelo in Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court:

1) Destruction of personally identifiable information “to the extent that DirectRevenue possesses any such data, said data will be destroyed.”

2) Giving equal prominence to 2 choices when displaying the End User License Agreement to consumers considering installing the software:

“I have read and accept the agreement” or “I do not accept the terms of the agreement” (EULA)

The “accept” option will NOT be the default option.

3) In addition to providing computer operators with its EULA, it will “disclose, separate and apart from the EULA" that users will receive ads while online along with a description of the ads; its collection of information about Web sites visited by users; its intent to provide adult ad content ads if users visit adult sites; any bundling—the fact that its software will also be included with any ad supported software being downloaded.

4) Not installing its software using Microsoft ActiveX or any other security exploits or in any way that does not require users’ consent.

5) Un-installation information to be displayed in the EULA and supported with an array of consumer resources such as a link at as well as telephone and e-mail assistance offered to consumers (including special help for the visually impaired) wishing to rid their machine of the software. All messaging will be detailed in how consumers can remove DirectRevenue’s software.

Plus a ton of other stipulations which hopefully will ensure their demise!

Read the entire story at:

Thoughts: A lot of these Spyware players were buying time hoping that either AG Spitzer and or US Federal Legislation would not happen very fast which means they have more time to infect and damage either directly or through their "Affiliates", all of whom belong in Federal Prison for at least 20 years BUT thats probably not going to happen since this case is not a criminal matter.

EDIT: Remember this action is on a State level and that means Illinois. With 51 states left to sue them, I can hardly wait. Imagine having to defend yourself in EVERY STATE in the USA. Am I dreaming? I think NOT. Direct Revenue has another suit against it in the fine state of California. See:

Guss what!

You loose !!!

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