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That's a fantastic idea for a site, which is obviously already reaping dividends for you as far as traffic is concerned. Also, since so many leet speakers operate blogs or spend their time in IRC referring people to websites and what not, there's a very good chance that your property could grow virally - even without your intervention.

That said, it's easy to imagine why your CTR is so low. leet speakers are obviously comprised largely of net-savvy teen males. The teen market has always been problematic from a revenue perspective for a number of reasons, and the net savvy nature of this particular group makes them even more likely to be afflicted with banner blindness. They're often also a group who are used to getting things for free, including software, music and movies, which would otherwise be prime product types to promote to this demographic.

Try blending text-based ads more seamlessly into the body content of your website or try tailoring your ads more to the male youth crowd. If you mix a few high-converting CPA offers into the mix and/or promote iTunes, EBGames, Crucial RAM, high-end video cards and other products that leeters may appreciate and may not be able to access for free through less mainstream sources, response rates may increase.

Best of luck with it. Your pageview rates are incredible given the age of your site, so I'm sure this will be a huge success for you.

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