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wow - you are never to old to learn new stuff --- this is a whole new world i never knew existed

i searched for 31337 at google and the second listing was --- and the webpage ??? well - that's a new angle for me

then i did search for 1337 and got a lot of info about the subject

interesting to say the least

now as far as your stats --- you can email or phone adsense support and they will be glad to explain what happened --- it might be best to wait a week and see if their numbers match yours --- or not, they probably need the practice

now as far your ad results with your new page look:

you will never ever know without testing

I'd test each combo for a 24 hr minimum and compare results, you will need longer than 24 hrs per test if you don't get a pretty decent amount of traffic

Don't go by my taste cuz I'm not average, but definitely try the same page with a white background instead of the current purple

Many publishers find removing the ad borders improves ctr so you will want to test that too

if your traffic takes off like crazy and you get tons of visitors, you might do well by going with YPN as their ads won't be as targeted to your subject and might produce more

if you get lots of traffic --- you will have lots of revenue options

keep us posted and good luck

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