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The choice of gift really depends on what sort of value it represents. A nice card may be all that's required if you just want to show appreciation or celebrate a new relationship. If one of your clients represents a major brand who would normally only work through an agency or if your sales folk went out of their way to encourage an important prospect to use XGen rather than a competitor, then sure, a dozen roses (not red), a nice bottle of champagne, tickets to a concert or a hamper of gourmet goodies might do a better job of conveying your extreme gratitude.

Not everything has to be branded, and sometimes simply slipping a business card or a "with compliments" slip in with the generic card will be sufficient. If you are looking to give a gift that isn't food or experience related, such as a mug, pen or item of clothing, definitely try to make sure that it's branded. If the client does get some use out of your gift, your logo and contact details will then be readily accessible.

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