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aditan, that's where people come into the equation. The best technology in the world is not going to make this issue 'go away' altogether. Whereas AdSense's systems may be able to detect deliberate click fraud with superb accuracy, for example, determining whether the source of that fraudulent activity was the account owner or a third party utilising tools in bad faith in an attempt to have a particular user's account terminated.

Additionally, varying the core algorithm to account for unusual activity that may occur on certain niche sites, such as in your description, is close to impossible using technology alone. As such, old fashioned people systems will always serve a useful purpose in determining whether activity seems uncharacteristic or suspicious for a given account.

Incidentally, the point of larwee's post was certainly not to encourage click fraud. As I'm sure you're aware, Geek/Talk has always been - and remains - vehemently opposed to any practices that may adversely affect a network or advertiser's experience in the interactive space (and, by extension, that of indie web publishers). I would expect that no Geek/Talk member would consider using this information to carry out click fraud against AdSense or any other player in the field.

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