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Personally, I doubt that Google or any other ad networks can precisely detect any click fraud. I'm sure if someone does any click fraud from the same IP, it can be detected, but how to check if someone asks his friends to click from their computers? surely it can't be detected, unless they click quite often from the same computer, if one or two clicks, I believe it will be counted as normal clicks.
But personally, I also *won't try* to do any click fraud on adsense account, I think adsense is really potential source of revenue, so rather than trying to get some bucks by doing any useless click fraud, it's better not doing that so you keep your adsense account safely.

Anyway, if it's happened a website has so targetted contents and get very high rate of click thru, and the click thru are from returning visitors, I'm afraid it is considered as click fraud by Google.... how if this happens? Does Google in a sudden close the adsense account for this site?
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