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Great stuff thegauntlet.

I tried selling my own ads for two months and failed because I wasn't experienced enough or prepared mentally. I also wasn't aggressive enough because I was too busy operating the site, family, full time job, etc....

Fast forward two years later: We just hired our first employee and he will be helping me carry the weight so I can focus on the marketing and sales aspects.

Its a coincidence for me that you have created this topic because I have been planning to try the sales thing again and your tips are really inspiring me.

But I have a bunch of questions:

What do you say when you approach a newby internet advertiser and he says, "Where's the value? How do I know if my advertisments are effective or not? ROI?"

Do you try and sell the branding value (via geo-targeting to state or country)? How do you persuade the advertiser that click-through is not the only measurement of success? Unfortunately I do not have the resources of Doubleclick or Tacoda (behavioral targeting). My tools are my web site with respectable traffic and phpadsnew with geo-targeting.

BTW your site is cool. Waiting for the new Hopesfall
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