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A very interesting thread full of great tips. A few thoughts about selling your own adverts which are not directed at any single geek

Introduction: Weather you are attempting a "blend" which means your own sales of adverts along side a Network or attemting to convert your entire revenue stream to your own advert sales, most folks just don't get it. They often don't have the necessary foundation in place so they fail.

It's kinda like building a house so the foundation needs to be in place:

1. Get yourslef a DBA (Business Name) and open a business checking account

2. Get yourself a business phone and stick an answering machine on it

3. Get yourself an advertiser friendly script to manage the adverts and install same

4. Make a "Media Kit" which normally includes a "Rate Card"

5. Make sure that your Whois data accurately reflects your business name and valid contact data.

IMHO, don't even bother trying to sell adverts untill all of the above is in place. You have exactly one chance and about 120 seconds to grab the attention of a potential advertiser who are significantly smarter today (thankfully) then they ever were in the boom days.

I'm not inferring that monetizing your site in this fashion is for everyone BUT I'm also not surprised when I see an "exception" to the rule in a given space Don't let folks disuade you if you honestly feel that the quality, mainstream focus, and traffic numbers to your site provide you with a reasonable chance of success and steps 1-5 are already in place. Don't be reluctant to do this even if none of your competition has tried.

Good luck to all
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