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I think it was 1996 or 1997 when I played MUD's (those text based online roleplaying games). There was a good payment system. Game was free for everyone, but people could buy task points if they wanted. Task points made characters a bit more powerfull, but not too much. Players who didn't have any task points, could get as powerfull as other, but they had to play more or get better artifacts.

I think it had minor wishes (cost 150 task points) and greater wishes (cost 300 TPs) and players could choose which kind of wish they had. There was bonuses to skills, + 15 stamina and something like that. Even I bought one of both wishes and I was parsimonius back then (btw. is "parsimonius" a real word? Found it in online dictionary )

Perhaps you should try this kind of system. It won't drive players away, if you don't make the paying players _too_ powerfull, but the hardcore players propably will pay nice sums to get a little better.
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