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Umm I'm all with the pay to play plan....tell your users in clear words that its coting you to run this site and that they need to chip in.

And when we say chnarge we don't mean charge them a bomb, I think 2.50 is too much.

Personally I'd charge something along the lines of $6-10 a month, show that its only costing then 1.5 cents a day.....try to give the perseption that its very low.

Again Czar pointed out, give the ones paying extra privilages......add a sytem that will allow them to buy in friends, give presents........give them other ways of paying, my refering 5 friends who signup and play or 3 friends......etc.....

Umm one thing i would surely reccomend is Valueclick for your UK visitors, I have a fairly decent clickthru rate with my users only because VC show upto date ads, take the world cup for example, withing minutes of the match there were football ads, mobilephone ads, national health insurance on cpm, music ads, dvd ads, etc...My site is like yours but very small.....but I can vow that VC does show ads for this age group..12-30 & don't worry about credit cards. Kids can always persuade their parents to pay a few bucks for your subscription. The parents will be happy that it keeps the kids busy

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