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lmergen, there are a lot of possibilities. And believe me, not all will annoy your users that much.

Czar pointed good ideas about a smoother transition to the paid model. If your site is member-based then you could make the transition really smooth and make the site profitable from the 1st day.

Popups/Popunders are annoying, sure, but ..that is also a good reason to pay for the registered version. If your users make that much pageviews per session, you could use 3 or 4 popups capped for showing one each 5 or 10 pageviews. They will not run away from your site, and you will make acceptable CPMs. If they don't like the popups, a *small* fee can disable them.

If your site has some kind of discussion system (forums or something like that), ask your users about their ideas. In my own experience, if your product is valuable (which seems to be the case) they will cooperate to maintain it with that quality. Explain them that the profitability of the site is the key for it to continue alive and growing.
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