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Hmm, lots of impressions, but no clicks ..... that sounds farmiliar to me ..... (On a much lower scale of course, 500k, wow)

Why not put a popup ad on your entry page. I doubt a single popup would turn off many users. Using goClick's $2.50 pops, and assuming a 70% successful pop rate, that would be around $35/day.

Also, clickXchange has some CPM ads. The CPMs are mostly very low ($0.05-$0.10) but that could be a useful short-term solution.

You've probably already applied to FastClick and BurstMedia, but if not then those are some good ad brokers to try.

I'm not sure how well this would work, but intuition tells me that you could try using CPAs in an exit popup window ... ie, I doubt many people would be willing to interrupt their game to signup for an "Win an XBox" contest but maybe after they're finished playing and leave your site ....... I'm thinking of trying something along these lines for my site.
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